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This client wanted a modern, yet visually interesting and professional website. In addition to the website, they also wanted a professional and timeless logo.

This website is one of my favorites. The minimal color palette helps the photos to stand out and really shine. The overlaid text makes the website look less static, while still being professional and modern. Every page of this website was built to give a snippet of information while getting users to learn even more about the company and their services. The phone number in the navigation with a border around it helps it to stand out, making it easy for prospective clients to call and schedule an appointment, without being overwhelming to the entire design. The mobile navigation of this website is beautiful with a solid background and large text, making it easily legible for users of all ages. The location page on both desktop and mobile has the most important information readily available at the top of the page, assisting greatly with user experience and conversion rates!

Please note that this project was completed while working at an external marketing agency.


Web Design
Logo/Branding Design

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