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This website was made in 2017 but has stood the test of time. By combining contemporary design practices with user research, I was able to make a beautiful, easy to use website that still looks good by today’s standards. The target demographic of this website are older men and women, who are looking for facilities for their parents or themselves. A few things that were very important in this project were making the site easily skimable, easy-to-read, and easy to convert. To accomplish these tasks, I used large icons and heading fonts for important information (see the “Our Amenities” sections on both mobile and desktop below). I made the form extremely short, making it easy for the users to get more information, quickly and without hoops to jump through. I utilized upbeat photos of happy tenants throughout the website, as well as photos of the interior, making the website feel homey.

In addition to the overall aesthetic of the website, I broke it out to assist with Google Ads and SEO. After a period of time, I took over the Google Advertising for this account as well, which has been flourishing in the year 2020 despite current events. The website was broken out into individual service pages, with large amounts of written content for better search engine optimization placement. To further assist with organic Google placement, a blog was created with posts being updated monthly.

Please note that this website was created while working at a separate marketing agency.


Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

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