This fine dining restaurant is a staple in Boise. Their location is tasteful, elegant, and classy. Not to mention their food is amazing. The owner wanted something that clearly reflected their professionalism and elegance while showcasing images of their beautiful food. In the client’s questionnaire she sent over some Michelin Star restaurants around the globe. They all featured very clean, white backgrounds, sharp corners, and imagery.

This project turned out great. The main purpose of a website like this is to help people find the location, see the menu, and make a reservation. I was really happy that the client wanted to integrate Open Table for smaller reservations. The style we worked with perfectly matched the site while still following Open Table’s branding guidelines. For larger reservations, we integrated an inline form that the manager receives via email. The menu on this website is always a hamburger menu (no pun intended) which you generally only see on mobile devices. By utilizing this type of menu it helped the website stay simple rather than busy.

Please note that this website was created while working at a separate digital marketing agency.


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