While working at a separate digital marketing agency, I created a microsite for a reverse mortgage agent. The purpose of the website was to drive leads by marketing to a specific demographic, mainly older homeowners in Idaho. Since you must be 62 or older to acquire a reverse mortgage, this website was built for people around that age range (as well as a little younger for family members assisting in the search process). The website featured prominent calls-to-action that would allow homeowners to easily fill out a simplistic form or place a quick call. There was extra functionality built in to allow for search engine optimization (SEO) including a blog and resources page. Furthermore, you’ll notice below a very simplistic landing page which is used for Google Ads (PPC). The simplistic, multi-step form converts highly with the older demographic, as does the “no-obligation” language.

By keeping a local, “homegrown” feel to the site it appeals to an older, local demographic; meaning the site has been, and continues to be very successful. Since completing the website over one year ago, we have seen a large number of impressions via ads, with a click-through-rate that is above average. The website also appears on page one of Google for the term “Idaho reverse mortgage,” beating placement of much larger companies such as Consumer Affairs and DMG Loans.


Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

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