Senior Living Facility


I have to say, this is one of my favorite projects. I just love how fun and lively it is! To start this project, the clients came to me with their vision for a logo featuring a watercolor fox being lifted up by a balloon. The logo below is the final logo that they chose. When creating the website, I used a lot of balloon imagery throughout to tie into their overall branding; the clients loved it!

This website wasn’t just about balloons though, it was about building something that can be found online (and most of all, converts!). I placed CTA’s throughout the site, namely adding the form higher on the page so it would be above the fold, which I’ve seen very positive results with. I also set up this site similar to the Assisted Living Facility, breaking out different specialties into separate pages for both user experience and SEO. This website has a little bit of an older demographic, so I also made sure that everything was extremely legible, easy to skim, and fun!

After creating the website, a third party began their Google Ads (which I later took over), while I continued on their overall branding and awareness strategy. This included creating print mailers to announce the opening of the facility, Google display ads to raise awareness online, an intro packet for new residents, and brochures for prospective tenants.

Please note that this project was completed while working at an external marketing agency.


Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)
Logo Design
Print Design

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I hope you enjoyed the project; like I said, it’s definitely one of my favorites. I want to help you come up with a holistic marketing strategy. Whether you need a little direction when it comes to your own, already operational Google Ads account, feedback on a logo, or a brand spankin’ new website, I got you. Send me a quick message and we’ll schedule a call to figure out the best action plan for you and your business.

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