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Google Ads (PPC)

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Google Ads are a great way to get found online. You see them all the time; from the search results, to those little image ads on your favorite websites, to video ads that play before a YouTube video, and more. While you’re waiting for your search engine optimization strategy to take effect, these are a great way to get in front of your users. Even if you’re getting business already, Google Ads are another great way to spread awareness for your business, specifically using display and video outlets. If you’re an online shop, Google’s shopping ads can be another great way for potential buyers to get information about your products before even visiting your website!

PPC (or pay-per-click) has one of the highest click-through-rates (CTRs) in the digital marketing landscape. That means that with the right messaging and keywords, users are more likely to visit your website (or call you) than in any other type of advertising. Having the proper PPC manager can make or break your campaign. You don’t want someone that charges you $$$ per month but doesn’t drive results. A bad marketer or agency may even just use a “set it and forget it” technique. You want a marketing expert that’s going to constantly monitor and make changes to your campaigns to drive you the best results.

What’s Included?

As stated above, you want to make sure that your marketing specialist is constantly driving the best results possible. There are a variety of aspects that go into the set up (and management) of a thriving campaign. Proper keyword research, user intent-based language, and split-testing will make your account successful. Below are a few of the things included when I manage your Google Ads campaigns.


Doing proper keyword research before a campaign is extremely important to the overall success of a PPC campaign. A proper PPC manager knows that a campaign is not more successful if you use every single keyword found. By doing the research and implementing keywords with proper user-intent will make you successful. Your marketing expert should also be using proper keyword match types so you’re not appearing for irrelevant searches.

Split Testing

Split testing, or A/B testing is the process of testing one thing against another to see what users like better. This type of testing will help keep your campaign on track during its entire duration. I’ll split test your ad text, ad design, extensions, and landing pages to get you the best results possible.

Monitoring External Changes

There are a variety of ways to monitor external changes. For example, Google Trends data can tell us if there has been a drop or increase in search volume across all of Google. These kinds of factors can influence how many impressions (or views) your ads get. I look at a variety of factors to draw educated conclusions on ways to improve your account.

Regular Reporting

You should understand what your marketer is doing regularly so that you can see the process your ads are making! I provide regular reporting with written insights on the different metrics and changes we are seeing within the account. I’ll write out in easy to understand terminology what each metric means and how it’s influencing the overall account.

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Achieve Results, Starting Day One.

Below are a sample of the types of industries I’ve completed Google Ads services for. A key component of success for the campaigns were their website designs. Creating high-converting landing pages will be another ranking factor for your ads! When we first start your campaign we will look into opportunities for adjustments to existing landing pages or implement new landing pages to help you achieve success.

Ads Aren’t Enough.

For most businesses, anyway; there are, of course, exceptions. For most of us, having a high-quality website is extremely important to the campaign. If you don’t want to be paying for ad placement for the end of time, a great organic strategy can help you! If you’re currently running an ads campaign and want some tips, I can help you there too!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A long-term solution for being found on Google (or other search engines) is SEO. This search engine optimization happens both on and off of your website. By executing a great search engine optimization strategy, you can receive meaningful, long-lasting results.

Web Design & Development

The web design you have may be working against you. When creating Google Ads, you want to make sure that your users are landing on a relevant, well-designed page that is optimized for conversion. Think you have some web design troubles? No problemo! Send me a message and we can review it together.

Get Some Tips

Check out all of my posts for some extra Google Ads goodies. If you’re new to PPC and want to try your hand at your own campaign, I’ve got some tricks for you! Check out the “want some tips” link to see that free info.

How Do You Make Your Ads Work For You?

Wow, that’s a mouthful, but are your ads working for you? Do you think your ads are working against you? There are some very easy ways to tell if your account is hurting more than helping. First, are you paying an arm and a leg but not getting results? It might be time for a new marketing expert. Are you getting some leads, but receiving a lot of calls for services you don’t offer? Your ads might be the cause. Are your metrics getting worse and worse each month? If so, it’s time for some help.

A proper ads account has campaigns broken out by specific factors. Within those campaigns there should be ad groups sorted by specific keywords or targets. If you’ve taken a look into your account and can’t make sense of it, don’t worry, I can help!

Want A Custom Proposal?

Perfect! I’m glad you’re ready to get started. I can help you whether you have an existing account that needs to be put under new management or if it’s your first time running ads. Even if you just have some questions, I’d love to schedule a free one hour consultation with you. By using the form, you can schedule a call with me where we will go over your concerns in depth.

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Need Some Insight?

I want to help your business be successful and I know that might mean you aren’t ready for management. That is totally A-OK, because once you are ready, I’ll be here to handle everything and answer all of your questions. If you’ve been managing your own ads and they just seem to be getting worse and worse, but you’re not sure about hiring a digital marketing expert, fear not! Below are some tips and tricks that I use on my own Google Ads accounts.

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